The drive to express myself through creative outlets was never a choice for me; it is simply how I am wired.

The reason I chose the human brain as the main graphic theme for my website is because as I progressed through school it became clear that my brain is not typical.

I now know that I have an equal ability for qualitative and quantitative thinking. You hear of people having either left or right brain dominance. I have neither or I have both depending on your point of view.

I am able to utilize both sides of my brain equally. I can shift between associative and linear thinking on the fly and I have an abnormally strong (Wechsler Scale) sense of hand-eye coordination and spatial perception.

This made choosing a creative profession difficult for I was equally drawn to analytical/scientific professions.

I declined several art school scholarships to focus my attention on medicine. I attended college in Georgia and eventually found myself working in several hospital clinical environments; yet creative things somehow always became a part of what I was doing. I became operating room certified and started going into the OR with my trusty Nikon F4 to shoot surgeries on my days off.

In 1995 I had the opportunity to help develop the website for the local daily newspaper ( The Savannah Morning News) as part of its coverage of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Several of the Olympic venues were held in Savannah.

I would eventually leave medicine to work with Morris Communications Corporation, a large media conglomerate based in Augusta, Georgia. I'd develop the revenue/business side of - the Savannah Morning News on the Web.

Circa 1995, Savannah, Georgia - Candler General Hospital OR

2014, Anaheim, CA - Shooting corporate video at the annual
NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show
with Luthier Mike Lull.

I'd leave the newspaper industry on the eve of the new millennium to start a digital marketing and multimedia development company, iDesign Studios, Inc.

A primary focus of iDS was top-shelf branding, marketing, and advertising design with a digital focus. I'd sell my interest in iDS in Q4 2006 and sign a non-compete.

I relocated to Southern California Q1 of 2007 to attend the Brooks Institute of Photography. I graduated in 2010 with a BS in Film Production with a concentration in Feature Film Direction and Cinematography.

Since graduating from the Brooks Institute I've worked as a script doctor, storyboard developer, gaffer, camera operator, lighting director (broadcast TV), director of photography, and director (corporate videos and music videos).

In addition to work in the film industry I'm a Nikon Professional Photographer. As a Nikon Pro I've done hundreds of commercial shoots including product photography, sporting events, portraits (editorial), and museum archival photography (The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum).

I've shot dozens of events for corporate sponsors and done photojournalism freelance work.

I have provided ghostwriting services for both individuals and corporate clients and I've continued to provide branding, marketing, and sales consulting services with corporate clients on four continents.

My operating philosophy is simple; "Don't get hung up on labels such as artist or professional".

Regardless of the profession you choose there will always be situations where an artful approach to problem solving presents itself. Likewise you can bring professionalism to any role you accept. A professional attitude is the foundation for success and there is an art to anything in which you desire to excel.

I am so very thankful for the journey I've had because I love every aspect of the many hats that I've been fortunate enough to wear.

2018 - Burbank, California - on a large green screen soundstage
for an automotive industry commercial shoot.

I would thoroughly enjoy speaking with you about your upcoming project(s) and how I can bring a unique, success-driven and creative perspective to your team.
For more information on how I can assist you with your company's needs please contact me here.

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