The process of making any professional film or video product is truly one of the most challenging and rewarding forms of creative and technical work. 

Creating new worlds or rebuilding old ones; filmmaking is truly a magical experience.  Behind the curtain that magic takes organization, technical savvy, outstanding communication skills, and untold patience.  You have to be able to solve complex problems on the fly.  Every production has unforeseen challenges that you will not see coming until they’re in front of you. 

I understand the challenges that you will face in your project. I am a seasoned, experienced director of photography. I understand how my departments, camera and lighting, can greatly enhance the subtext of any narrative. I know how to create motivated, impactful imagery that won’t compete or detract from your story’s message. In terms of understanding visual architecture and structure I bring an expansive set of skills to the projects I work. 

I am certified on several professional cinema camera and lighting systems.

For more information on how I can assist you with your company's needs please contact me here.

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