Aguitar Amplification CEO Dave Avenius (Left) and Aguitar Artist Justin Meldel-Johnsen (Beck, Garbage, Nine Inch Nails) at the annual NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show in Anaheim, CA. Brand Ambassadors present opportunities for inceased sales by providing high profile exposure of your products to large groups of the public.  These relationships can greatly increase your product's appeal and lead to increased demand and sales.

After building their brand and reputation for decades, Aguilar was successful sold in 2020 and is now part of a much larger network of boutique, high-end instrument brands. 

The creation of sales channels that provide predictable, reliable, and sustained performance is often the most difficult aspect of business for any size organization to master. Too often, companies consider their sales activities as a stand-alone; especially if their sales channels include outsourcing through distributors or resellers. To build ongoing success you must of think sales as the final step in your marketing efforts.  

Successful go-to-market strategies for either products or services are derived from understanding customer needs while identifying the marketplace variables which affect your strategy. These variables are referred to as PESTLE (Political Factors, Economic Factors, Social Factors, Technological Factors, Legal Factors, Environmental Factors).   

The foundation for any winning strategy is rooted in identifying the challenges these marketplace variables present. Once these non-linear variables are identified, I will assist you in the implementation of a plan to address and overcome any obstacle the marketplace presents as you reach for your goals.    

I can help you with the identification of areas where your sales efforts are working while minimizing the challenges that your sales force may experience.

Your marketing strategy should include identification of who your ideal (target) customer is and the best methods to introduce your products/services. Sales is the final stage of executing your marketing plan.

Advertising is a call to action through any number of outlets (online, TV, radio, print, etc...). Driving traffic is great, but if your channels are not equipped to close the sale, the best advertising campaigns are an exercise in futility and wasted resources.

Your company’s sales channels (the method or methods by which you engage your intended customers) must be properly equipped to be successful.

By thoroughly assessing the stages of your existing sales process, I can enable your point of contact channels to better identify and address variables that equate to lost sales opportunities. 

Regardless of the type of business you have (product based or service based); successful sales are built with a combination of sound marketing principles (the 4 P's) and successful relationship building with your target customer/clientelle.
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